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About Internet of Stories

Internet of Stories helps world class creative talent, mission driven thought leaders and entrepreneurs build brand empires while making positive impact at scale through meaningful partnerships and innovation.

We also run a community platform, Innovate for Growth, with the goal of empowering 1 billion creative entrepreneurs holistically with personal and business growth, building successful businesses out of what they’re passionate about while making a difference.

Tracy Tsang
Founder & CEO
Tracy Tsang portrait photo
An innovator at heart with a passion for growth and content, Tracy founded Internet of Stories with the goal of empowering purpose driven brands, creators and entrepreneurs to grow with innovation. This means helping and educating brands in leveraging new tools and technologies in combination with creative content to growth hack more effectively while adding entertainment and educational values for consumers when working with minimal resources.
She has over 10 years international experience working at the intersection of creative content, UX, and partnership development/product marketing for emerging technology digital products including AR, AI, social network apps, smart products and launching R&D projects.

Background story

Tracy was inspired to start Internet of Stories after experiencing first hand the challenges of growing startup brands within budget and time constraints, and also seeing the gap between emerging technologies innovation and practical day to day use.

As the world become increasingly connected, opportunities are there to grow your brand organically, to add value in a way that turn customers into fans. We believe it is therefore also our responsibility to leverage the power of these new possibilities and steer them for the greater good of humanity.

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