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Innovate for Growth kicks off

Innovate for Growth is an event and podcast series we recently started with the goal of building a community of the most forward thinkers in growth, innovation and content creation.

Last month we were pleased to welcome Alex Tam, Product Design Lead at MasterClass coming all the way from San Francisco to give a talk and share his experience in building remote working design and engineering teams around the world. We had an excellent Q&A session, and below are some of the takeaways from our discussion:

  • How do you keep your team motivated when working remotely? The best way is to lead a remote working team is to treat everyone as peers and be transparent about what you are trying to do as a company as well as the strategy for individual projects. Make sure that all the goals and milestones are clear, and empower your team to do their best work by making sure they have all the info you would have wanted if you were in their position.

  • On vetting the quality of remote team members when hiring – some ideas for doing this include offering a paid internship over 2-3 months, giving your candidate a problem and change it half way through to test for problem solving skills (idea from Google), test for ability to explain their ideas to other team members.

  • Communication is especially important when working with a remote team – use Slack to cut down emails by at least 50%, make sure there is 1 or 2 hours overlap between time zones reserved for daily communication, and make it ok for people to share their work in progress even if it’s not perfect.

  • Alex shared his own biggest challenges from working with remote teams when he hires the wrong person for the job and productivity suffers, realising too late that they would be happier doing something else. Other challenges to be aware of: people matter, cultural differences, keeping the team excited and motivated.

  • Is this the future of work? Tools are getting better, enabling increasingly different ways of delivering value from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Examples of large successful companies doing remote working well: Automattic (WordPress), Invision

To watch the full presentation and Q&A session, check out the Youtube video below (audio works better with headphones):

Alex Tam – Building International Teams and How to succeed at working remotely

A big thank you to WHub for being our event partner for this seminar.

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