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Love trying on makeup with Augmented Reality? Now there’s a new way to growth hack for your makeup brand.

Beauty tech has been making giant leaps in innovation in the last few years. From AR try-on apps and websites(L’Oreal/Modiface), smart mirrors(Sephora, Bourjois) for retail, to beauty advisor chatbots, top makeup brands are fast embracing new technologies to improve their consumer experience, engage potential customers and help them make their purchase decisions.

According to Parham Aarabi, founder and CEO of ModiFace, an AR makeup solution provider recently acquired by L’Oreal, conversions can increase by up to 84% when Augmented Reality is added directly in the path to purchase online.

But creating bespoke AR apps are expensive and often does not take into account of when makeup shoppers would benefit from being able to try on makeup products with AR. Getting the app in the hands of makeup sales people or using smart mirrors in retail stores may be helpful but benefits a limited number of store visitors.

The Snapchat AR Lens platform is an incredibly effective way to drive organic exponential growth and reach the 18-24 year old demographic who have Snapchat installed on their phone and are already regular users of the app.

There is an opportunity for makeup brands to tell better stories about new product collections and turn AR makeup try-on into a fun experience by adding some context, e.g. virtual scenes, accessories to set the scene for different styles. Here are some examples (Use Snapchat’s camera on Snapcode to unlock).

  • Eyeshadow try on with snow scene
  • Augmented contouring guide snapchat lens

From our own experiments, we created a lipstick try on lens with a virtual animated background that reached over 300K views organically and was shared over 10K times.

Another application for makeup brands and influencers would be to use it for augmenting makeup tutorials. There are plenty of makeup tutorial videos on Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat, but what’s currently missing is the ability to try the different looks on your own face or a convenient way to follow guided tutorials.

4 ways how Snapchat Lenses can benefit makeup brands

  1. Both user generated content and the AR experience can be shared without customers having to download an additional app in most cases and brand awareness grows exponentially
  2. With each lens having its own Snapcode and URL, it’s simple to promote across your marketing channels both offline and online
  3. Add value to your customer journey by helping with their purchase decision
  4. Ability to offer augmented makeup tutorials and enable consumers to try on makeup artists created looks

Are you a beauty influencer or make up brand looking to use AR to enable your customers to try on products, augment your tutorials and engage the Gen Z? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or email me at to find out more about how we can help.

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