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Our own experiments with Snapchat Lenses and potential applications

To get a better idea of what’s possible with Snapchat Lenses, you really need to try them for yourself. Here are some lenses I created as experiments and collaborations to give some inspirations on how you can leverage AR lenses for your marketing campaigns. So go ahead, fire up Snapchat and point your camera at the Snapcode and long press to unlock the lens experience (or click on the URL if you’re reading this on your phone).

Eyeshadow try-on lens

Make up brands and MUAs/influencers, if you’re looking to increase brand awareness and engage your community, you can now create your own AR makeup try-on lens and add a Snapcode to either make up tutorials or e-commerce to enable your fans to try specific looks. For launching a new range, you can also add context using accessories or a virtual background for set your brand apart from others.

Tap to try on different eyeshadow looks

Optical illusion lens

A moody lens inspired by Netflix’s Black Mirror series. Example of how even simple artistic AR lenses can be used for marketing film/TV series.

‘Disgust’ emoticon inspired Lens

First of a series of Snapchat Lenses that are our creative interpretation of emoticons. Turns out these are incredibly shareable as they help people express themselves in a fun way.

Collaboration with Joy Chen

Hippies dress up lens

Can we make supporting sustainability fun? This ‘Adopt a tree’ hippy dress up lens was created in collaboration with Ecomatcher, a tech company working with NGOs to use tree gifting as a way for corporates to offset their carbon footprint.

Collaboration with EcoMatcher and Joy Chen

Space Time Travel Lens

Collaboration with Joy Chen

Lipgloss try on lens

If you’re a purpose driven brand or content creator interested in finding out more about how you can leverage Snapchat AR Lenses for growing brand awareness and engagement, let’s have a chat.

Email me at or book an appointment here.

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