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You’re Invited: Innovate for Growth Podcast Launch Party + Live interview & Workshop with Tai Chi Master Chow Chin Ching

**UPDATE: Please note that this event has been cancelled due to weather condition and current political demonstrations in HK

Master Chow Chin Ching, Founder of Chen Style Tai Chi Institute will be our special guest for a live interview to celebrate the launch of the Innovate for Growth Podcast on Thursday 29 August. He will also be giving a demo performance of “Sudden Thunder” style Tai Chi followed by a short class to try it out for yourself!

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Master Chow was born into a Martial Arts family as well as the 1st Inheritor of Grandmaster Chen Qin Lei, famous for the “Sudden Thunder” style of Tai Chi. He is listed by Kung Fu Celebrity Archive of Beijing as a prestigious Kung Fu Master of China. Master Chow has previously been invited to collaborate with international brands including Chanel, HSBC, Audi Formula E World Champions, Tottenham Hotspurs Football Team .

The Innovate for Growth Podcast is a show where Tracy Tsang, Founder & CEO of Internet of Stories, meets world class creators/performers/artisans, mission driven entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in growth and innovation to chat about their life journeys, creative processes, and wisdom gained from building ventures out of doing what they love.

Our goal is to empower creators and mission driven entrepreneurs to develop in a holistic way, create scalable positive social impact, while enabling their personal and professional growth as a successful creative entrepreneur.

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Previous guests in Season 1 of the Innovate for Growth Podcast include:

Surmayee Tetarbe & Sam Book, Creators of the Sassy Speaks Podcast;

Alexis Bautista, Founder of Kokonuzz Media Group;

Jaime Lau, Jack Storms and Antoine Gaussin, Gallery Director & Artists from The Spectacle Group;

Helen McEachern, CEO of Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Malcolm Ong, Head of Product at South China Morning Post.

Natalie Chan, Founder & CEO of OWN Academy

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