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Innovate for Growth – Scaling Sustainability with Innovation and Creator Partnerships

Having seen how Zero Waste and Less Plastic movements have grown in Hong Kong recently, I believe creators (artists, artisans, designers, musicians, content creators etc) and innovators have a big role to play when it comes to adding appeal and desirability for sustainable products/services/programmes, and huge potential for scaling positive environmental impact for brands who are committed to sustainability.

With environmental and climate change concerns reaching global epidemic level, there is a rapidly growing focus on sustainability in every industry. But are these efforts being scaled in an effective and relevant way for end consumers? And is it good business to be sustainable?

According to UN, should the global population reach 9.6 billion by 2050, the equivalent of almost three planets could be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles.

However, sustainability is proving to not only be a matter of branding and Corporate Social Responsibility. Incorporating sustainability makes an impact on the performance and valuation of companies, with the best of environmentally sustainable businesses attracting social impact investment. Consumers are increasingly taking it into consideration when making purchase decisions, e.g. Stella McCartney’s sales climbed in 2017 as it cut its environmental impact by 8%.

At Internet of Stories, we believe there is huge potential for brands to leverage innovation and creator partnerships to scale positive environmental impact, brand reach and engage customers in a culturally relevant way. For example,

  • Through licensing, brand partnerships between artists and IP owners with an existing fanbase and sustainable products manufacturers
  • Incorporating design thinking and service design to innovate around creating new service businesses that scales consumer behaviour that makes a positive impact on the environment e.g. Revolv enables reusable cups to be rented and returned at different locations
  • Leveraging new medium or technology to grow awareness of environmental issue/purpose for sustainable brands in a fun engaging way e.g. with AR lens campaigns, podcasts

It is the reason why we started Innovate for Growth, a platform and resource destination which bring together a community of world class creators/performers/artisans, mission driven entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in growth and innovation, with the goal of empowering creative entrepreneurs looking to make a difference.

How do brands get started with innovating around sustainability to create a successful eco-friendly business? What are some interesting ways brands have worked with creators in sustainable fashion? How can you create culturally relevant content for sustainability brands? What do responsible investors look for in a sustainable business?

Join us for a fun discussion as we look to simplify this complex topic for you at the Innovate for Growth: Sustainability Experts Panel + Q&A event on 7 August with an all stars panel from Fashion, Media, IT, Design led innovation and ESG consulting featuring Anita Varshney, VP Strategy & Innovation at SAP Next Gen, Kate Okrasinski, Director of Innovation at MAKE Studios, Michelle Lee, Marketing & e-commerce Director at The R Collective, Diana Chen, Sustainability Advisor at The Purpose Business and Host of Creative Mornings HK, Sonalie Figueiras, Founder & CEO at Green Queen, and Kate Padget-Koh, Founder of Fashionable Futures and eponymous fashion brand Kate Padget-Koh. The session will be moderated by Lauren Berning, Founder of TBC HK.

This event is organised in collaboration with Design for Impact series run by MAKE Studios.

Book your tickets here.

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