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Sneak preview and why we started The Innovate for Growth Podcast

Trailer for The Innovate for Growth Podcast

I’ve been a fan of podcasts since discovering them a couple of years ago starting with Girl Boss Radio, The Tim Ferriss Show and Gimlet Media’s StartUp podcast and have been hooked since. For one thing, it means being able to get away from spending time in front of a screen and instead putting my phone aside to concentrate on listening to high quality in depth conversations on any topic you can think of.

Why we started the Innovate for Growth Podcast

It took awhile to gather the courage and skills required to start my own podcasting journey, but I haven’t looked back since. With The Innovate for Growth Podcast, my mission is to empower creative entrepreneurs like myself to be able to build successful businesses doing what they are passionate about, while being able to make a positive difference to the world at scale.

We have some amazing guests lined up for Season 1 from Hong Kong and around the world who are doing incredibly innovative work in their respective industries. Innovation becomes a whole new world of possibilities when you go beyond the tech industry and consider it in different contexts such as integration of service design innovation within businesses, material and methodologies for creating fine art, business models for character/children’s show IP, what it means to innovate with the whole education system and how brands leverage innovation to scale positive impact.

Here are some of the guests who will be appearing on Season 1 of The Innovate for Growth Podcast:

I hope you’ll enjoy The Innovate for Growth Podcast as much as we’ve done in creating it. And if you’d like to start your own podcast, WordPress makes it really simple.

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