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Ep 001: “Should your brand be podcasting?” Surmayee Tetarbe and Sam Book, Creators of Sassy Speaks Podcast, Sassy Media Group

In this first episode of The Innovate for Growth Podcast, I met Surmayee Tetarbe and Sam Book from Sassy Media Group who are the creators behind Sassy Speaks, a brand new podcast series they’ve launched to celebrate Sassy Media’s 10 years anniversary.

With Sassy Media being a well established lifestyle media brand, it was interesting to find out more about their approach to creating their own podcast and how they have integrated it as part of their content and marketing strategy.

Some Practical tips:

  • Make sure content align with data and what readers expect
  • Make sure everything is on brand, market it every week and that when people are listening to a new episode they know what to expect
  • Try to work with a company that’s done podcasting before if you are looking to create an original podcast for your brand
  • Put as few barriers as possible to your audience as possible when you’re looking to grow your audience


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Sam Book, Marketing Manager at Sassy Media Group: @sam__book

Surmayee Tetarbe, former Partnerships Manager at Sassy Media Group & Host of Sassy Speaks :


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