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Case Studies & Testimonials

Teawala launches ‘Taste Tea like a Pro’ Tea Tasting & Evaluation Online Course

As the founder of an early stage farm to cup tea brand, Teawala, Mona Jhunjnhuwala was at the beginning of her brand building journey with a small online community when we first met. She wanted to grow her brand internationally and create new sources of revenue with her behind the scenes content from tea farms and her expertise, but was unsure that people would be willing to pay.


By front loading customer research and launching a minimum viable product first with an intro video and sample chapter from her planned course content, Mona was able to validate firstly that there is demand for an online course on Tea Tasting & Evaluation, and secondly that her course has a good product market fit for her community with paying customers and positive feedback even at an early stage.


Mona validated her course idea with 8 paying customers and is now working working on the production and launch of the complete course.

Course Preview

‘Taste Tea like a Professional’ Course page on Teachable

Mona’s self introduction video

Sample chapter from the course


As a partner and coach, I worked with Mona step by step to guide her through the process from the very beginning stages of planning & research to the launch of her minimum viable course product.

  • Brand review and Customer research
  • Course Product positioning, naming and course structure planning
  • Intro video + Sample Chapter editorial and production
  • Marketing strategy
  • Pre-launch marketing
  • Launch email series

Client Testimonial

“Launching an online course has been an exciting and rewarding challenge. It has brought me out of my comfort zone and given me the opportunity to engage with my global audience in a powerful and scalable way. Previously I was hosting in-person classes, which although valuable is limited by its geographical reach and impact. By producing the course, I now have the tool to teach people around the world about tea, which I didn’t think imagineable before.

Tracy has been tremendously helpful and supportive throughout this journey. She constantly gives sound advice and proven frameworks, and more importantly, gives me the confidence I need to persevere. Without her expertise and patience as a coach, I simply wouldn’t have been able to complete the project. It was very much a joint effort and it made it that much easier to know I had someone who was enthusiastic that I could count on. Thank you Tracy!”

Mona Jhunjhnuwala, Founder & Chief Tea Explorer of Teawala

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