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Create & Launch your own Online Course Product: Coaching Packages

Prices in USD

What’s your Online Course Product going to be’ – Introductory Coaching Package

198 USD

An introductory coaching package to help you:

  1. Identify the online course product opportunity for your brand that has existing demand within your community
  2. Come up with the launch strategy for your minimum viable product.

This includes:

  • A short assessment to see whether an online course product would be suitable and beneficial for growing your business and personal brand

  • 90 mins Online Workshop (max 3 pax/session)
    • Clarify the goals and purpose for your online course
    • Launch strategy based on your current brand and community engagement
    • Figure out what your online course product is going to be and who it’s for : Topic, Product Positioning, Pricing and Format
    • What the right questions to ask are in order to validate your course idea
  • 45 mins Individual follow-up Coaching Call where we will:
    • Review your market research results
    • Define the topic, proposed transformation and pricing/format for your minimum viable online course product based on your market research
  • Access to Trello board template for MVP launch planning

  • Private Slack group for community support
  • Get 198 USD credit when you sign up for the full Online Course MVP Launch Coaching Programme

Introductory Coaching Package

'What's your online course product going to be?'


Launch your own Online Course MVP Coaching Package

5000 USD + 40% revenue share after first 50 course products sold

I offer an introductory coaching package for launching your own online course Minimum Viable Product. This is a great option if you’re launching an online course for the first time and would like to validate product market fit before committing time and resources to creating the full product and launching at scale.

As a partner and coach, I will be guiding and giving you editorial feedback throughout the whole process of launching an online course MVP from Planning & Research, Brand Positioning, Course Curriculum Design, Intro Video and Sample Chapter Production to MVP Course Launch and Review.

Estimate timeline: 3 – 5 months

  • Kick off workshop (online/in person) – Brand review, Course Strategy and Launch Plan
  • 1 hour bi-weekly check in call and email replies within 24 hours
  • Editorial feedback on intro video and sample chapter scripts, course content and marketing material.
  • Creative Direction, Curriculum Design and Content Production for MVP course content
  • Video production of Intro Video and Sample Chapter available as add on @700 USD
  • Template worksheet for course launch email series
  • Template Trello board for planning your online course MVP launch
  • Co-host a webinar interview for course promotion
  • 10 paying customers as benchmark for validating product market fit
  • Review after Online Course MVP Launch to determine next steps


  • Step by step guidance and editorial feedback from start to launch
  • Applying a proven framework adapted from world class expert Ramit Sethi to your business and course product
  • Partner and coach model means we’re in this together – you will be empowered to create and launch your online course product while making a positive difference at scale with confidence
  • Validate your course idea with paying customers

Launch your own online course MVP Coaching Programme

5000 USD + 40% revenue share after your first 50 courses sold


Online Course Coaching (Monthly Retainer)

2 x 60 mins coaching call
Unlimited email access

  • constructive feedback and suggestions on your online course launch
  • online workshop to brainstorm course idea based on your current brand
  • market research – are you asking the right questions?
  • launch strategy – not sure how you should launch your course to market, how to package it or how to price it?
  • editorial feedback on course content, intro video and launch email series
  • brand positioning
  • growth strategy
  • tools & equipments for creating your online course

Online Course Coaching (Monthly Retainer)

If you just need some ongoing help and support with specific parts of your online course content, launch or strategy, this is the package for you.


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