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Podcast Show Notes Ep 003: “The Business of Fine Art” with Jaime Lau, The Spectacle Group

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” You need to be in the right place and know the right people that can help with materialising it, and a series of miracles to make it happen. ” Jaime Lau, Founder & Gallery Director, The Spectacle Group

In this episode, we go into the world of fine art business and will be talking to Jaime Lau, Founder & Gallery Director at The Spectacle Group about how she selects artists and art pieces for her gallery, working with emerging and established fine artists from different categories including glass and photography, and an exciting new documentary she’s working on.


  • Criterias beyond visual aesthetics when selecting work for The Spectacle Group gallery
  • Innovation in processes and methodology for Fine Artists
  • How can an artist grow their fanbase – race to becoming not just the best artist but the most well known
  • Developing brand extension and collaborations so that her artists can reach art lovers outside of galleries and putting artists work on products that people can relate to and bring them to people who aren’t normally art lovers
  • Documentary pilot series she is currently working on with The Spectacle Group
  • Jaime’s advice for aspiring artists and content creators

Practical Tip

” The biggest challenge is that things don’t always go according to plan even if you plan far in advance. Just relax, leave things down to its own timing and with the right attitude you’ll always find a way to move forward. “


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The Spectacle Group

Instagram: @thespectaclegrouphk

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