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Ep 004: “Making of the real life Marvel Tesseract and the artist entrepreneurial journey of a world renowned cold glass sculptor” with Jack Storms, The Spectacle Group

In this episode, we will be continuing our journey into the world of fine art as I talk to Jack Storms, one of the very few cold glass sculptors in the world. His work has been featured in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie and viral videos that have reached hundreds of millions of viewers. In this episode Jack will explain more about his work process, how his art piece ended up in a Marvel movie, meeting Stan Lee in person and his own advice for those who want to build a successful business as an artist.

  • The techniques and process Jack Storms used to create the signature look for his glass sculptures
  • Why there aren’t many cold glass artists in the world
  • How Jack’s love for geometry influence the aesthetics for his art
  • Jack’s journey of becoming a sculptor and going from being inspired by Stan Lee in the early days to a memorable experience of meeting him in person
  • How a Jack Storms sculpture landed a part in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie
  • Jack’s plans for growing his brand and increasing engagement with his fans by sharing what it takes to be a functioning artist through his vlog and Patreon
  • Jack’s advice for aspiring artist entrepreneurs


Jack Storms is represented by The Spectacle Group where his sculptures are regularly exhibited in Hong Kong and around the world at major art fairs.

The Spectacle Group

IG: @thespectaclegrouphk

Jack Storms

IG: @stormsjack

Full show notes and podcast links available here.

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