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Ep 008: “Will Fashion ever be Sustainable in the Future?”with Kate Padget-Koh and Kanch Porta-Panjabi, Fashionable Futures

Did you know that fashion is one of the largest contributors to pollution?

Continuing our exploration into sustainable businesses, we have Kate Padget-Koh and Kanch Porta-Panjabi, co-founders of Fashionable Futures, a Hong Kong based consultancy committed to making positive impact on the future of the fashion industry around sustainability through innovation and partnerships. In this episode Kate and Kanch will be sharing more about the various innovations and initiatives happening in sustainable fashion to combat fashion pollution, and how we as fashion consumers can be more environmentally friendly.

  • What’s required for fashion brands to become more sustainable?
  • Biggest challenge when it comes to starting a fashion brand and scaling its environmental sustainability impact
  • Interesting innovations in fashion
  • Integrating sustainability into luxury, sports and high street brands
  • Interesting fashion brand initiatives in sustainability
  • How consumers can start becoming more sustainable
  • Rental and second hand fashion brands that encourages sustainability disrupting high street brands

Full show notes and episode links available here.

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