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Ep 009: “Reducing Fashion Waste and Pollution at Scale” with Christina Dean, Founder & Chair of Redress, Founder & CEO of The R Collective

In this episode, we have the very inspiring Christina Dean who runs not just one but two very successful companies in her mission to combat fashion pollution. Christina is the Founder & Chair of Redress, a charity working to reduce waste in the fashion industry, as well as the Founder & CEO of The R Collective, a sustainable women’s fashion brand that rescues luxury waste fabric and work with award winning emerging designers to turn them into beautiful garments.

Christina’s own career journey has been incredible, having been a dentist and a journalist before venturing into the world of fashion. We talked about her inspiration and motivation for running two companies simultaneously, growing her fashion brand into a media empire to make a difference at scale, and her thoughts on how slow fashion and sustainability will play a big part in the future of fashion.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Christina’s career path going from dentistry and journalism into fashion
  • How it became her mission to combat fashion pollution and waste
  • Why she decided to run two businesses simultaneously
  • Christina’s biggest challenge, inspiration and motivation for running The R Collective and Redress
  • Whether Sustainable Fashion is a good business to be in
  • How she leverages media to scale positive impact and the reach of her brand’s message
  • Cultural influence on consumers attitudes towards second hand clothing and sustainability in fashion
  • The importance of educating emerging designers about sustainability
  • How brands can change fashion consumers’ behaviour to become more sustainable
  • Her thoughts on the future of fashion – Will slow fashion remain niche? Would High street brands integrating sustainability into core business convince small fashion boutiques to do the same?

Click here for full show notes and links for this episode.

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