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Ep 011: “From Print to Digital First – Transformation and Innovation in the world of News Media” with Malcolm Ong, South China Morning Post

In this episode I’m pleased to have the chance to explore the world of news and media tech, an industry that has gone through rapid transformation over the last 10 years. I got to find out more about the innovation that’s been happening in the media business with Malcolm Ong, Head of Product at South China Morning Post.

Malcolm has an incredible background having been a successful tech entrepreneur himself as a co-founder of e-learning startup Skillshare. We had a very interesting conversation about SCMP’s digital transformation, the role of Artificial Intelligence in the newsroom, their latest experiments innovating with different content formats inspired by new technologies and consumer behaviour, and his thoughts on the future of the news media business. 

We talked about:

  • SCMP’s experimentation with different content formats and tech inspired by new ways and behaviours in consuming news content, e.g. smart speakers, podcasting, short form videos, real time live blogs
  • Role of Artificial Intelligence in the newsroom
  • Digital transformation at SCMP going from print to digital first media company
  • Considerations when designing for audio experience
  • Geographic and Regional differences in user behaviours and preferences for technologies, where they are and how they consume content
  • Monetisation of their digital innovation and SCMP’s transition from paywall to free online news model
  • How startups and corporates differ in their approach to innovation
  • Thoughts on future of media and what’s next for SCMP

Full show notes and episode links available here.

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