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Ep 007: “When Creativity meets Sustainability” with Diana Chen, The Purpose Business & Creative Mornings HK

In this episode, we have Diana Chen, Sustainability Advisor at The Purpose Business and Host of Creative Mornings HK. Being an active member of the creative community, Diana has a unique perspective on the intersection between creators and sustainability. We had a great chat about her work on implementing sustainability strategies for brands, how they can scale environmental impact by making their initiatives more culturally relevant, and habits creative entrepreneurs should adopt to start living and working more sustainably.

In this episode we’ll be talking about:

  • Challenges for brands when implementing sustainability strategies
  • Whether the creative community is also looking to incorporate sustainability into their work more
  • How sustainable brands should go about partnering with artists and creators who are a good fit for their brand
  • Leveraging creators skills in creating appealing products and engaging with their community to scale positive impact
  • How brands are measuring the impact and effectiveness of these campaigns
  • Habits creative entrepreneurs can adopt in order to live and work more sustainably
  • How brands can start incorporating sustainability into their business


The Purpose Business

Creative Mornings HK

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