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Below are resources, services and tools that we have tried and would personally recommend for any creative entrepreneurs.

Some of these are affiliate partners where we get paid a commission if you sign up through the links on this page, but none of them would be recommended if we didn’t personally already use the resource and would happily tell our friends about it.

Company Setup + Business Bank Account


Business owners in Hong Kong, in particular those who are not HK citizens, will know that it’s incredibly time consuming and difficult to open a business bank account in Hong Kong.  

Neat is an online banking startup that provides a much easier and faster way for entrepreneurs to start their own company and open a business bank account in Hong Kong. It also does not require you to be in Hong Kong as the whole application system is online. Great solution especially for online businesses that do not require in person banking services.

Check out their new Company Setup + Neat Business Bank Account package:

Government Incorporation Fee (HK$1,720)
Business Registration Fee (HK$250)
1 Year Registered Office Address (mandatory)
1 Year Company Secretary (mandatory)
Digital Copy of Official Company Documents

Total Price: HK$5,000

AR Lens marketing  or prototyping

Traditional AR development is expensive and resource intensive, and unless the AR experience is created for solving a particular problem or simplifying a process, social network integrated AR lenses e.g. Snapchat lenses, Instagram AR filters, Facebook AR camera can be much more effective when it comes to engaging with your target audience and growing your brand’s reach.

Snapchat Lens Studio

Facebook Spark AR Studio

Social Media Marketing/Content Creation


We absolutely cannot live without Canva, a simplified online content creation tool for non-designers and designers with very little time. For the early stage entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, Canva makes it a lot more efficient to create different types of marketing material for any channel. The subscription is worth every penny.


To keep your social media content consistent, we recommend using a scheduler like Buffer which lets you plan your Social Media Editorial Calendar in advance and publish posts at scheduled date and time.

Product/Market fit validation

Survey Monkey

No product or service should be launched without some market and user research to validate the idea and product market fit. Survey Monkey makes it easy to create your own questionnaires and have neat features like seeing responses in WordCloud form apart from the standard bar charts.

Remote working

Once you start using Google Calendar, Google docs and Google as email service provider, it’s virtually impossible to imagine using anything else as it makes team collaborations so much more efficient. Well worth it if only for removing the risk of sharing documents which are not the latest version when collaborating.

Sign up for the G Suite Business Plan and get a 20% discount with the promo code on your first year subscription fee:


Online course creation


Teachable is a great tool for creating online course products particularly for those not from a tech background. It handles course content curriculum, sales page design and payment plan options beautifully and also integrates with Zapier if more advanced automations are required.


Screenflow is the tool to use for creating software tutorials/demos if you need to create videos from recording your laptop screen.

Podcasting software




The best way to test an idea once research is done is to create a landing page before the launch and ask your target customers/audience to sign up to your mailing list. Strikingly is the best tool we’ve tried when it comes to creating a one page website free of charge, and also has paid tiers that include more advanced website features.



Building online communities

Mighty Network

Recommended Online Courses

There doesn’t seem to be a directory of great online course products created by the best coaches and thought leaders on the topic/in the industry.

Below are some I’ve taken in the past that I would recommend for creative entrepreneurs:

Ryan Holiday – Growth Hacker Marketing

This course complements Ryan Holiday’s book on Growth Hacker Marketing and is a must-read for anyone interested in driving organic growth when launching a new product or service.

The Do Lectures – How to build a brand with a small budget

Mind Valley – All things related to Personal Growth

Ramit Sethi – I Will Teach You How to be Rich/Growth Lab

All things related to launching online course products and building successful business out of them

LIMA – Coursework in Licensing Studies

The official online course program from LIMA on Licensing

Pat Flynn – Power up podcasting

Colin Gray – The Podcast Host

I haven’t actually taken a course from The Podcast Host but referenced their blog many times when I just started learning how to podcast which has many useful resources.

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