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Consulting & Coaching

Internet of Stories helps mission driven creative entrepreneurs build their own brand empires, create new sources of revenue and make a difference at scale.

Online Course MVP Launch Coaching Package

5000 USD + 40% Revenue Share

Estimate timeline: 3-5 months

We offer coaching and creative production services for launching your own online course Minimum Viable Product. This is a great option for validating product market fit before commiting time and resources to creating the full product and launching at scale. If you have an existing online community or mailing list as your online course product can be sold directly to consumers and licensed to companies.

  • You’ll be guided and given editorial feedback throughout the whole process of launching an online course MVP from Planning & Research, Brand Positioning, Course Curriculum Design, Content Production to MVP Launch and Review.

  • Lean approach to validate product market fit using minimal resources

  • Template for course launch email series

  • 1 hour weekly check in call

  • Creative Direction, Curriculum Design and Content Production for MVP course content

  • Filming and Editing of Intro Video and Sample Chapter available as add on @700 USD

  • Co-host a webinar interview for course promotion

  • 10 paying customers as benchmark for validating product market fit

  • 40/60 revenue share after your first 50 online course products sold. As a partner and coach, we share the risk and commit to helping you grow your online course business with a revenue share arrangement.


  • Establish thought leadership and expertise on your topic + grow brand awareness

  • Add educational value to your existing community and increase Customer Lifetime Value

  • Grow your community and fanbase

  • Reach and engage new potential customers

  • Create an additional source of passive income with your existing expertise and IP

Podcasting for Growth

Podcasting can be a very effective medium for growing your brand, and develop a stronger relationship with your community, while adding practical and entertainment value to potential customers. We provide both onsite workshops and creative development services for brands looking to launch their own podcast and leveraging this rapidly growing channel for reaching and engaging with existing and new audiences.

2 Days Weekend Intensive Online Workshop

More details and booking page here.


Are you are looking for help with creating new sources of revenue, grow your brand & community internationally, or how to better leverage content and innovation (online course, podcast, information products, apps) for pivoting your business online?

Book a complimentary 30 min consultation call and let’s have a chat.

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