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Consulting Services

Brand Development & Management

Internet of Stories helps world class creators, artisans, performers and industry influencers build their own brand empires, create new sources of revenue and make a difference at scale.

Available on a retainer or by project basis.

  • Community development – build mailing list, online community, content strategy
  • Brand differentiation – defining your vision and mission, goals, thought leadership and authentic brand message that sets you apart
  • Online presence – web and social media
  • Media content brand extensions – podcasts, blog, online course products
  • Creative IP Licensing
  • Turn your existing expertise into corporate workshops or masterclass events
  • Experiential Marketing – engagement campaigns for events that brings your brand to live
  • Brand extensions and Marketing/PR innovations e.g. AR lenses, Smart Speakers, Apps
  • Faciliate meaningful brand partnerships that enable you to scale positive impact and engage a wider audience

Podcasting for Growth

Podcasting can be a very effective medium for growing your brand, and develop a stronger relationship with your community, while adding practical and entertainment value to potential customers. We provide both onsite workshops and creative development services for brands looking to launch their own podcast and leveraging this rapidly growing channel for reaching and engaging with existing and new audiences.

Onsite team training/workshop

Introductory Workshop (Half day/1 day)

Podcasting Course (6 weeks)

Branded podcast – creative development and marketing

Want to create your own branded podcast series to grow your brand reach and community? We can help you take your podcast from concept, content strategy to launch on iTunes/Google Play/Spotify.

Podcast launch and audience development strategy

Produced a podcast but not sure how to grow and engage with a wider audience? We can work with your team on a launch and growth strategy that leverages your existing marketing channels, audience insights and online community.

Experiential marketing – Snapchat AR Lenses for brands

More examples here
Team training


Creative development and branded lens campaigns

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