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Podcast Show Notes Ep 006: “How can brands adopt sustainability and scale positive impact on the environment? ” with Sonalie Figueiras, Green Queen

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I’m compelled to act because we’ve only got the one planet and we’re destroying everything.

Sonalie Figueiras, Founder & CEO Green Queen and Ekoware

A few months ago we hosted an experts panel on how brands can leverage innovation and creator partnerships in order to scale positive impact on environmental sustainability. Over the last few months we’ve seen climate change issues making big waves in the media as the world becomes aware that it is becoming a global epidemic.

As someone who loves nature, I was curious about the different perspectives on how we can innovate around sustainability and partnerships to scale positive impact on the environment as a brand. Hong Kong has been making huge progress in the sustainable lifestyle and zero waste movement over the last few years, so for our next few episodes, I’m delighted to be talking to some of our panelists as well as sustainable entrepreneurs doing amazing work in this area.

Sonalie Figueiras is the founder and editor-in-chief of Green Queen, Asia’s largest eco wellness media platform, whose health issues led her to discovering the benefits of plant based diets and how it connects with the health of the planet and eventually advocating for social & environmental change and educating the Asia community on sustainability through original, inspiring media content.

In this episode we’ll be talking about:

  • How Green Queen grew from a blog into a full multi channel media company that became the largest eco-wellness platform in Asia
  • How Hong Kong’s behaviour and attitude towards sustainable living and zero waste movement differ from the rest of the world and led to the rapid growth of innovation and entrepreneurship in this area
  • Core driver for the growth of brands incorporating sustainability into their business
  • Sonalie’s favourite brands and entrepreneurs in HK doing amazing work in the eco-living space
  • How vegetarian food and green living goes hand in hand and why she’s a huge proponent of plant based food
  • What the main challenges are for people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Sonalie’s prediction on environmental and social changes in the next few years
  • Some ways small businesses and startups can start incorporating sustainability into their business
  • Examples of successful brand partnerships and innovation that are growing positive environmental impact
  • Topics people are most interested in from insight on Green Queen

Practical tips

To start living in a more eco-friendly way, Sonalie suggests making a habit out of the following :

  • Buy less stuff – you need much less than you think you need
  • Increase number of plant based meal per week – make it a challenge with family and friends to explore plant based dining
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Only buy second hand clothes


Green Queen Media

Founded by serial entrepreneur Sonalie Figueiras in 2011, Green Queen is an award-winning impact media platform advocating for social & environmental change in Hong Kong. Their mission is to shift consumer behaviour through inspiring & empowering original content in Asia and beyond.

With 3million + monthly digital impressions and over 25,000 followers on social media channels, Green Queen is the most popular and most visited eco, health & wellness English media magazine and platform in Hong Kong and across Asia.

IG: @greenqueenhk

Clips and summary from the Innovate for Growth Sustainability Experts Panel

How Brands can leverage innovation and creator partnerships to scale sustainability

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Ep 005: “Discovering the Uncharted Territories of Helicopter Aerial Hyperphotography – a story of chance and serendipity” with Antoine Gaussin, The Spectacle Group

In the last of our 3 part episode diving into the world of fine art, we have Antoine Gaussin, an aviation photographer from Belgium who specialises in hyperphotography, where he stitches together photographs from different angles to form scenes from unexpected perspectives.

His latest project “Uncharted” has led him to taking birds eye view photos of airport from a helicopter from different angles, carefully stitched afterwards to form neat geometric patterns with aircrafts and bright colourful safety markings of different airports.

In this episode, we will be talking about:

  • Antoine’s journey transitioning from journalism to fine art photography
  • How his love of travelling and poetry led to creating art photography with a focus on airports
  • How the concept for the ‘Uncharted’ collection and his hyper photography technique developed
  • The role of innovation in making his art possible – from the lens he uses to taking photos from a helicopter which require special permissions from airports
  • Succeeding as a professional artist and serendipities that led to that
  • Antoine’s advice to those who want to do photography for a living

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The Spectacle Group

Antoine Gaussin’s “Uncharted” collection is exclusively represented by The Spectacle Group. Viewing available at The Spectacle Group gallery in Hong Kong and at international art fairs.

IG: @thespectaclegrouphk

Visus Gallery

IG: @visusgallery

Antoine is also the owner of Visus Gallery in Belgium where he curates work of other artists as well as exhibit his own art photography series.

You’re Invited: Innovate for Growth Podcast Launch Party + Live interview & Workshop with Tai Chi Master Chow Chin Ching

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Master Chow Chin Ching, Founder of Chen Style Tai Chi Institute will be our special guest for a live interview to celebrate the launch of the Innovate for Growth Podcast on Thursday 29 August. He will also be giving a demo performance of “Sudden Thunder” style Tai Chi followed by a short class to try it out for yourself!

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Master Chow was born into a Martial Arts family as well as the 1st Inheritor of Grandmaster Chen Qin Lei, famous for the “Sudden Thunder” style of Tai Chi. He is listed by Kung Fu Celebrity Archive of Beijing as a prestigious Kung Fu Master of China. Master Chow has previously been invited to collaborate with international brands including Chanel, HSBC, Audi Formula E World Champions, Tottenham Hotspurs Football Team .

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Our goal is to empower creators and mission driven entrepreneurs to develop in a holistic way, create scalable positive social impact, while enabling their personal and professional growth as a successful creative entrepreneur.

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